Accept What is Already Beautiful.

Be the best at being you. No one else can even try.

Why Pink Icing?

Pink (adj): like red, it represents love.  Our love for all things marketing wrapped up in our love for women entrepreneurs following their dreams and puttin’ it down!  We believe in you, want to inspire you and want to help you achieve greatness at a level you never imagined.  Why?  Because we’ve been there, done that and have about 5 different color pink t-shirts in our closets to prove it!  Yes – Seriously.
Icing (n.): the pretty stuff that makes your favorite pastry look so good is exactly what our brand identity services, resources and love share (the free stuff we share because we love you ;-)) do for your business.  We give you what you need and direct you to what you should be doing in your business to build an amazing brand and credibility that’s second to NONE.

If you show up, make sure you give them something they'll never forget


Rethink Some Things.

Look at bumps in the road like a lift to a new level.

Kisa speaks about fempreneurship, balancing life and loving yourself in fun, no nonsense micro-chats. Check out her podcast that includes amazing guests, passionate leaders and hysterical entrepreneurs that never took no for an answer. Topics range from marketing and branding to personal development and inspiration with a little sass!

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