My Story

When they say you can’t, you say I can’t not.

Who is Kisa

Hey there!  My name is Kisa Puckett.  I am a Entrepreneurship Expert, Creative Director of Pink Icing, and Founder of *The Entrepreneur Experience*.  I have been in the marketing industry for over 18 years, and still going strong!


I’ve worked with students, entrepreneurs and business owners all over the world, coaching them to discover their true greatness in entrepreneurship and business.


Since the age of 18, I was business minded – opening and operating several businesses in the restaurant, beauty and transportation industries within the first years of my adult life.  I was TRULY adulting!  LOL


After being in business for over 8 years in the transportation industry,  I closed my company following the 2008 market crash, and then worked 8 years as a W2 employee in a super restrictive, political environment.  I ultimately realized that I wanted more in my life and the opportunity to impact many with my message and purpose, without the limitations that came with the positions I held.


That’s when I decided to walk away and pursue entrepreneurship full time, going back to my original roots as a business owner and creator.  My love for marketing, branding and entrepreneurs took off and has continued to thrive each day.


Choosing entrepreneurship and taking the journey was inspiring, invigorating and empowering.  Some of my most memorable and rewarding moments within just a few short months of making the decision involved collaborations with people and companies like Shark Tank Season 5 Finalist Kaeya Majmundar, Creator of BZbox, Techstars, and various prominent thought leaders across multiple industries creating incomes and lifestyles well into 7 to 8 figures.


I also became the Marketing Chair of the National Association of Women Business Owners – Inland Empire Chapter, a nationwide women in business support and advocacy organization.


One of the things I’ve learned is that many people are looking for a purpose bigger than themselves, whether they have come to this realization or not.  They want to have the freedom to be heard in their own way, and contribute to a bigger picture.  Although this contribution may not look the same for every person, it many times is stifled by limiting beliefs and the feeling of entrapment.  They thirst for entrepreneurship and to be successful in their ventures, even those that work their every day 9 to 5.


The sense of empowerment that comes with entrepreneurship is what allows many people to experience the unlimited possibilities they crave.


The reason I do what I do is because we’re all looking for opportunities that will allow us to live a life with purpose and experiences.


The most powerful way I can contribute is to elevate others and help change the mindsets and lives of people through knowledge and experiences, enabling them with the opportunity to choose a life of purpose that will generate an abundance that penetrates multiple generations.


Maybe you haven’t had an experience quite like mine as a business owner during the 2008 market crash or a W2 employee in the political arena, but at some point in your life you’ve probably dealt with adversity in the workplace, struggled with a business venture, or had the feeling that there was more that you could be doing with your gifts and talents.


Your greatest opportunities lie within zones of discomfort. If you make the decision to push through these areas despite fear, limiting beliefs or that feeling of entrapment, you will soon realize your greatest impact and experiences wait just on the other side.  The very thing that you may try to avoid, will be the very thing that gives you the life that you dream of.


And, when it’s all said and done you would have created a legacy and an overflow that reaches and helps change the lives many.


Here’s to your success!




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